February Student & Assistant Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Introducing one of our newest Team Members Emily! Emily is 10 and is a 3rd year student here at BBDC! Emily takes a bunch of classes each week including, Acro, Jazz, Contemporary, and Leaps and Turns. “I love Leaps and Turns because I love conditioning! I like to work out because it’s good for you” Emily told us!
Acro is currently Emily’s favorite class. She loves flipping upside down. Emily is working on an Acro duet for this upcoming Competition Season with fellow teammate Leah. Both girls are so bendy! “I like stretching my back because it’s good for Acro.” You can often find Emily balancing on her hands. She is super strong and can walk the entire length of the studio in a handstand! You can find her handwalking featured in Bohemian Rhapsody this year!
“I love that Team does lots of activities at different places” Emily recently performed with the Team at a fundraiser for K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at iPlay America! The girls performed two pieces to support the Dance-A-Thon! It was a ton of fun!
We asked Emily if she could give us three cool facts about herself. She told us “I’m flexible. I’m smart, and I can curl my tongue!” We love dancing and flipping around with Emily!

Assistant Spotlight
Our youngest Assistant Teaching Demonstrator is Camila! Camila is about to be 9, and this is her first year being a demonstrator for Acro 1. Camila takes three Acro classes a week! She also takes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Leaps & Turns, and Hip Hop.
“I love helping the kids each week.” Camila told us that she loves all of the children that she helps in Acro class. She is always working on her form in her tricks. This is a very important skill as the Demonstrators main job is to properly execute each movement.
“My favorite group to Assist is the baby’s, ages 4 and 5.” This group demands a ton of attention and Camila is always there with a helpful hand and a caring smile!
“I’m still working on getting my back tuck and aerial.” Camila told us her current goals are Acro related as she works on her Acro solo for this Competition Season! We love watching Camila dance, her energy is contagious. She always has a something kind and encouraging to say to the children as they are learning a new skill.
“Three cool facts about me are; I’m a diva in Jazz Class. I always have cool hair, thanks to my mom! I love Acro, it’s my favorite thing to do!” We love having Camila as a role model for our younger students!



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