March Student and Assistant Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Mr. True Talent, Mr. Backstage, Mr. Turn it Up, Mr. Step Up 2 Dance, but to us he’s little Joe!  Joe is one of our original students and has been dancing with Miss Lindsay since he was three, and now he is eight!  Joe takes Ballet, Tap, Acro, and Contemporary!  Joe’s favorite technique is Acro, “I love Acro because I love to flliiipp!”  We love having Joe in class, he is always telling us a new joke!  Joe is our BBDC Comedian!

“My favorite thing to do in class is handstands and headstands!”  You can always find Joe upside down!  He is working hard on his tricks in Acro, like his kipup and standing backbend kickover!  This past year Joe won several Titles at Competition for performing his Musical Theater solo!  In September Joe went on a modeling photo shoot for Turn it Up Dance Challenge.  Joe will be featured on all of their promotional material for the next year.  “I am so proud of all the hard work that Joe puts into his solo.  For a young dancer to perform at such a high level is so exciting.”  Miss Lindsay told us.  Joe has an unmistakable stage presence which is felt throughout the audience when he is on stage!

We asked Joe what his favorite thing was about BBDC and he said “Miss Lindsay!  I love how she helps me in all of my classes and privates!”  When we asked Joe to tell us a few cool things about himself he said, “I’m fun, so cool, helpful, kind, and cute!”  We agree Joe!  We love watching you grow and turn into an awesome artist!



Assistant Spotlight

Our March Assistant Spotlight is on our Junior Team Assistant, Leah.  Leah assists the Junior Team in their weekly rehearsals.  Leah is responsible for learning all of their choreography and helping the younger dancers remember where they are supposed to be throughout their piece to the song “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Leah has been assisting for the past few months, and she loves every second of it.

“I like being an Assistant because I just love the kids.”  We can tell that Leah has a real passion for working with kids.  “I love dancing with my friend Leah!”  Lily Cook, our tiniest Team Member, told us recently.

“I hope to get better at spotting the kids when they do tricks.”  Spotting the younger dancers is a big responsibility.  Assistants must be confident in their own technique, on top of being strong enough to lift the weight of the dancer doing the trick.  Spotting dancers should only be done with a teacher present, as it is dangerous if done improperly.

When we asked Leah to tell us a little about herself she said, “I love to dance and I love kids.”  The third thing Leah told us about herself is one of the most important things to have as a dancer.  Leah told us “I like that I never give up.” We agree Leah!  We love that “can’t” isn’t part of your dance vocabulary!  It is a very special trait to have and we are so excited that Leah has found that within herself!


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