Student and Assistant Spotlight Interviews

Assistant Spotlight

Our First Assistant Spotlight is on BBDC’s First Assistant ever!  In 2011 when BBDC opened Miss Lindsay asked a then 12 year old Becky to be an Assistant Teacher.  That year Becky helped in both the PreSchool Class and a Boys Only Hip Hop!  Fast forward 6 years Becky is now 17 and a Senior in High School.  Becky plans to continue dancing after her time here at BBDC by auditioning for a college dance team!

Currently Becky is an Assistant Teacher in Hip Hop 3, and Acro 1.  Being an Assistant Teacher is a ton of work.  You have to be able to properly demonstrate technique, help manage the classroom, and be a good role model.  Along with being an Assistant, Becky is the Team Captain for our Award Winning Competition Team.

“I love teaching the youth, I love kids.”  Becky said in her interview.  “I hope to gain patience by being an Assistant.”  Patience is definitely necessary when teaching children.

“My favorite group to Assist are the dancers ages 10 and up” Becky told us that she loves teaching the older dancers because they already have a good base of technique and they are able to pick up on choreography in combos.

We asked Becky to share a few fun facts with us.  She said  “I love The Walking Dead, I love dogs, and I’m constantly tired….lol”  We totally understand always being tired, Becky has a school schedule packed with Advanced Placement and Honors Classes, she is assisting two classes a week, taking more than seven classes a week, and she is working on three solos for the upcoming Competition Season.  We love Becky and have really enjoyed having her as part of the BBDC Assistant Teaching Family for the past six years!  We wish her a ton of success in college next year! 

Student Spotlight

Our first Student Spotlight is on one of our youngest Competition Team Members, Lilyann Cook.  Lily is just four years old.  She is a breath of fresh air in class and rehearsal, and she is a favorite among the older girls.

Lily currently takes BBDC’s Acro and Tiny Dancer classes!  Lily is a second year student here at BBDC.  This year Lily joined the Competition Team.  She brings a ton of energy to each rehearsal, and is keeping up with the big girls in our Team Production Bohemian Rhapsody.

Lily’s favorite class is Ballet.  “I love doing butt spins during freeze dance” Liliy told us.  “Animal Action is a lot of fun too!”  Lily is always bouncing around practicing her handstands and cartwheels.  “I love doing splits too.”

“Everyone is so nice here.  I love all my best friends here at dance” Lily is everyone’s friend.

“The dancers here are always so supportive of each other. The big girls love the little girls, and the little girls love the big girls.  “It’s so nice to see the kids hug each other before they leave” Miss Lindsay said, “They really seem like a family, dance friends are truly the best friends.”

We asked Lily three cool facts about herself; she told us “I like watching Minions.  My favorite color is dark blue.  I like to dance with the wiggles too!”

We can’t wait to see what Lily will accomplish in her future with BBDC.

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