Ava Cota from Dance Moms comes to BBDC!

We are so excited to be hosting a Workshop with Ava Cota and Jeanette Cota from Dance Moms!

Ava and her mom Jeanette will be in studio on September 15th at 9am!

This workshop will feature a 90 minute Class and Meet and Greet! Such a great opportunity for dancers ages 7+! Dancers will be able to dance with Ava and be inspired to take their dancing to the next level!! Open to all dancers in the Tri State area! Everyone is welcome! Dancers will be included in promotional material and featured in Ava’s upcoming YouTube videos!


Ava is a huge advocate for anti-bullying after everything she has gone through in her dance career this far, she’d love to be able to chat with other kids who may be experiencing the same thing. Ava and her mother are touring studios all over the country this week to inspire young dancers to rediscover the artistry of dance. Recently Ava has been inspired by the hit Netflix series, “13 REASONS WHY” and the headlines in the news today to start her own social media movement. She calls it the #13Reasons4Me or #13ReasonsofLove Movement. The goal of this movement is for teens (kids & adults too!) to help lift themselves up, as well as lift others up at a time where the rest of the world is trying to tear people down. 
Ava says, “I started this challenge to create something that was a positive movement on the social media platforms to spread love. In the world we live in, it seems all actions are taken out of hate of oneself or hate of others! This movement encourages kids/teenagers to look at the good in their lives and in themselves which I think can be very powerful.”
Ava is encouraging people to watch her video on social media in hopes that other kids & teens will join in and be a voice across all social media.  “I am not one to be quiet when things around me are falling apart, and I hope that I can be an influential voice to kids to make sure our next generation is filled with a whole lot more love!”
To join Ava’s movement, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Djla-mWqhpM
We are so excited to offer these opportunities to our community!
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