Ballroom comes to BBDC!!

Ballroom Dancin at BBDC!!

BBDC is so excited to add Ballroom to our Fall Program!

We would love to introduce you to our new Faculty Miss Angie Lorenzo! Miss Angie will be teaching all ages and levels of Ballroom this year! We will have Ballroom for our Junior Level Dancers (Ages 6-11), Senior Dancers (Ages 12+) and Adults! Come in and try a class! We know you’ll love it!

1. Physical Skills: Balance, Discipline, and so much more!

Ballroom dancing can not only build coordination, grace, poise, and posture – but it can also develop great core strength and flexibility. Regardless of age, ballroom dancing is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise because… it doesn’t feel like cardio. So if your son or daughter needs to take their physical activity up a notch, without feeling like it is exercise, ballroom dance lessons will do the trick. (They may even learn some cool salsa in the process.)

2. Dance Skills: Going Beyond the Recital

This is the obvious result of taking any dance class, but with ballroom dancing, this translates to a practical activity that can be used for the rest of their lives on any given night. While jazz, tap, ballet, and other forms of dance provide great discipline, fundamentals, and overall physical training; they don’t necessarily translate well to a non-recital environment. Then again, they’re young, they can handle it – why not just have them try it all!?

3. Social Skills: Old School is the New School

“Would you like to dance a Waltz?”
If your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or favorite barista could say something like that… would it blow you away? Ballroom dancing not only teaches the skill of dancing, but the incredibly important skills of actually asking people to dance. Out loud. Without texting.
This, even by itself, builds confidence and self esteem exponentially. When kids struggle interacting with each other, they tend to avoid all the social events that can, eventually, improve their social skills. So, until something changes, the “social rich” get richer. Ballroom dancing instantly levels the social playing field. All it takes a few dance lessons and one invitation to dance.

4. A Unique Identity: Group Access Pass

Let’s face it, not every kid out there is going to be the captain of the football team, cheerleading team, or debate team. Some kids are like a ship without a harbor in the social group pool. Being a ballroom dancer offers a unique identity that isn’t directly attached to a school clique. This eases the pressure and can build confidence for them as an individual, rather than by copying or trying to impress their peers. When they are ready, they can utilize that confidence to join the group at school that best suits them.








Ballroom is such an awesome addition to the BBDC schedule!

We have classes for both children and adults! Upcoming dance parties in Foxtrot and Waltz! Sign up today space is very limited!

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