PreProfessional Performance Prep at BBDC

As we enter our 10th year we are shifting focus to PreProfessional Performance Prep! We think it is increasingly more important to train our dancers at an Elite Level and continue to provide them with the many performance opportunities and Master Classes that have been a part of our studio culture since 2011.

Our Acro students will be the first dancers in Ocean County to participate in Acrobatic Examinations! On top of being a Certified AcroDance Teacher, Miss Lindsay is an Acro Adjudicator and will guide students through the syllabus and required exercises. Dancers will have to execute specific movements within the proper Acrobatic technique in order to move on to the next AcroDance level. Dancers will be evaluated and chosen for small group Coaching Classes.

Have you tried one of our PBT or Barre Classes? These classes were a favorite while we were on Zoom. Dancers use props to help them access what is needed to progress their technique and achieve more in each class.  PBT is an innovative program designed to train dancers in muscle memory to improve technique, flexibility, and longevity in dance, while gaining a greater awareness of their muscles and how to use them properly to achieve their goals in not only Ballet but all forms of Dance.

REFRESH is another class that the more accomplished dancer craves! We are all in need of a Technique REFRESH after the months in Quarantine! Dancers will get specific attention from Faculty, and exercises and “homework” needed to move to the next level! Are you working toward that 5th pirouette? Or do you need to prepare for a High School Performing Arts Audition? BBDC is the place to help you train for a spot in one of these Elite Schools!

We are hopeful to have a second season of our full-length production of The Nutcracker! The date is set! Now we cross our fingers that we are able to use the theater in the coming months. If not we will perform in our favorite place in Huddy Park before it gets too cold!

FOOTLIGHTS Theater Ensemble, Commercial Jazz, Spacial Improvisation, and Heels Workshop! For the theater lover and dancer who wants to work on Script and Song Creation, Comedy, Vocal Training, Interview Skills, and Theater Arts we are offering the Footlights Theater Ensemble. Students will learn Junior Musicals as well as a Holiday Short to be included in The Nutcracker production. Similar to our Student Choreography Class students will create musical and straight short scenes to be included in performances. They will build the script, create staging, and come together to produce something spectacular! Spacial Improv has been a favorite among BBDC Dancers for the past few months. Improv is a huge part of the dance industry right now! It is being included in Competitions and Auditions now, and in order to be successful, you must train so that you don’t get stuck repeating the same three moves! Learn to create on your feet! BBDC Dancers score remarkably high when competing with their Improv. This season we had a Title Win based on improv! Commercial Jazz and Heels Workshops will be offered weekly to our more advanced dancers! The Commerical Industry requires dancers to work in Heels! So along our PreProfessonal Training Track, we train you for that big audition!

These are just a few of the new things we are excited to be adding to the schedule this year! We round out our Fall Schedule with PreSchool Combo and Acro, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro and Trapeze Technique Classes, and our more creative classes Combo and Choreography Classes! As of right now, there are restrictions and limitations on the number of dancers we can have in each class, and masks are required. BBDC is proud to be a certified SAFERStudio using the More Than Just Great Dancing guidelines for safe reentry into the studio. We will monitor everything released by the governor and we will continue to kick ball-change and pivot turn in a new direction!

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