Welcome Back to Dance!

We just wanted to take a moment to welcome all of our dancers back to class!

BBDC is so excited to be offering a ton of new programs this Season!

Ballroom, Theater Arts, POUND, Yoga, Adult Dance Classes and coming soon Zumba and Barre!

We have great deals on Unlimited Adult Monthly Class Cards! And a special Competition for September–Get 1 Point for each class you take this month! Get the most points this month and win $10 off October Class Pass!

Meet our new Faculty this week! Try a new class! Bring a Friend and receive $25 off of your next Tuition payment!

Registration is now open. Space is limited, so get in today!Friendly Atmosphere - Small Classes / Individual Attention

Broadway Buzz Latest News and Info You Need To Know
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  • Barre Above Classes Coming Soon to BBDC!

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